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Our Story

Discover a perfect location to receive your memorable spa treatments

The Touch of Thailand

SPA Cenvaree is a division of Centara Hotels and Resorts – a publicly listed company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide branded and customised spa concepts and solutions throughout South East Asia and the Middle East. Our spa portfolio comprises urban, resort, destination and boutique outlets, all designed to provide guests with an experience that lingers longs after their holiday ends.

‘Varee’ and the soft power of touch

Our name ‘Cenvaree’ is a portmanteau of two words that pay homage to ‘Centara’. ‘Cen’ is taken from the first few letters and ‘varee’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘water’. (The ‘tara’ in Centara also translates to water in the Thai language). Softness and nurturing are not normally associated with power. And yet, look at the amazing impact a gentle drip of water can have – it can move rocks, shift mountains and create its own path. This innate strength, acquired through gentleness, embodies the healing touch of SPA Cenvaree-trained therapists and allows our guests to emerge transformed.

The Cenvaree Difference

What sets us apart?

Simply put: We Care. We care about our guests, we care about our team members and we care about the environment. SPA Cenvaree has many loyal customers who continue to return because of how they feel during and after a spa treatment. In our corporate office, we have several full-time spa trainers who focus 100% of their time educating, teaching and motivating our therapists in massage techniques and how to make a difference to our guests.   SPA Cenvaree therapists are trained not just in the physical elements of spa therapy, but also in attention to detail and anticipating guest needs.  It’s often the little things that create memorable experiences: the light caress of a cool cotton sheet, the haunting tone of a singing bowl, hypnotic music at just the right volume and a therapist with excellent therapy skills who truly cares.

At the start of your treatment, your SPA Cenvaree therapist will bow their head, still their mind through breath-work and say a silent ‘thank you’. This allows them to forget about external stimuli, focus 100% on your treatment and become in-tune with your body. This might sound a bit airy, but in a country with thousands of spas, something that sets SPA Cenvaree apart is that we really do try to create a special experience for each of our guests.

So, come on a journey with us through Thailand and South Asia and explore over 60 therapies. Indigenous herbs, floral extracts, fresh ingredients and aromatic oils provide the background for some truly amazing experiences. Whether it’s flower-scented body scrubs, traditional Thai spa rituals, muscle-melting body massages or heavenly facials, SPA Cenvaree has you covered from head to toe.