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182 Moo 3, Tumbol Ao Nang Soi 8, Mueang Krabi, Krabi, 81000
+66 (0)75 626 222
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Spa overview

SPA Overview

Embracing the natural beauty of Krabi, our spa is inspired by benefits of thalassotherapy. The spa menu features the very best of therapeutic marine ingredients, locally-sourced aromatic oils and therapeutic herbs to ensure you experience total bliss in a tranquil environment.

  • 1 Couple Thai Massage Room
  • 2 Single Therapy Room
  • 1 Couple Treatment Suits

Popular treatments

Hot Stone Massage

Basalt rock is heated in water and placed along the meridians of the body to soothe muscles and relieve tension. These stones are treated with essential oils before being positioned on your chakras. Combined with massage, this therapy creates a deep sense of relaxation.

90 mins ฿ 1,900.00


SPA Treatments See all

  • Nuad Thai - Royal Thai Massage

    Thailand's most famous Massage!

    This therapy combines stretching techniques, pressure points and more to loosen joints and tone muscles. Thai Massage is sometimes described as 'passive yoga' - you lie down and your therapist manipulates your body.

    Did you know that no oil is used in this treatment? Instead you'll be provided with a pair of Thai PJ's to wear. It's a great massage to have if you're a little shy or your whole body feels stiff.

    Upgrade to 90-minute and your therapist will incorporate more advanced techniques and focus particularly on stretching the deep muscles in the back. The delicious end-of-treatment scalp massage is also longer.

    90 mins ฿ 1,200.00
    60 mins ฿ 900.00

    SIGNATURE Ocean Wave Massage

    A signature massage that combines the best of hot oil Aroma Massagee techniques with Acupressure, Ayurvedic Abhyanga movements, Deep tissue, Shiatsu and Lomi Lomi. A special warm Blue Chamomile Massage Oil  is applied to the entire body and pressure is tapped rhythmically along the muscles.

    90 mins ฿ 1,800.00
    60 mins ฿ 1,400.00

    Nuad Tao - Traditional Thai Foot Massage

    This treatment promotes relaxation to the entire body through the use of pressure points onto the soles of the feet. When all tension is released, a foot herbal compress filled with warming herbs is applied to revitalise the legs.

    75 mins ฿ 900.00

    Aromatherapy Massage

    Our most popular treatment! A full-body massage using essential oils to relax the body and mind. Smooth and soothing movements will gently lull you into a realm of tranquil dreams, leaving you totally rejuvenated. Choose from several beautiful oil combinations.


    90 mins ฿ 1,500.00
    60 mins ฿ 1,200.00

    Deep Muscular Massage

    Not for the faint-hearted, our Deep Muscular Massage uses strong pressure and compression to stretch the fibres of large muscle groups, releasing toxins and tension points. Please remember to drink lots of water afterwards.


    90 mins ฿ 1,500.00
    60 mins ฿ 1,200.00

    Hot Stone Massage

    Basalt rock is heated in water and placed along the meridians of the body to soothe muscles and relieve tension. These stones are treated with essential oils before being positioned on your chakras. Combined with massage, this therapy creates a deep sense of relaxation.

    90 mins ฿ 1,900.00

    Sea Shell Massage

    This hypnotic massage incorporates Sea Shells that are heated and treated with Aromatherapy Oils,and then used to massage the larger muscle groups. Similar to the famous hot stone massage, the warmth of the shells deeply penetrates, increasing circulation and releasing stress and tension. This is a very soothing massage and perfect for someone who just wants to switch off from the stresses of everyday life.

    90 mins ฿ 1,800.00
    60 mins ฿ 1,400.00

    Nuad Pra Kob - Herbal Compress Massage

    Thai herbal compress therapy has a rich history dating back to thousands of years. This massage, featuring a warm herbal poultice, is your opportunity to experience a healing tradition and find out why it's so effective. A selection of traditional Thai herbs, including tumeric, ginger, prai and lemongrass, are wrapped in a muslin ball, steamed and then gently applied over the body. The warmth of the herbs is very soothing and will deeply penetrate the muscles. It's a great choice for someone who would like to experience something a little different.

    120 mins ฿ 1,650.00
    90 mins ฿ 1,345.00

    Swedish Massage

    A stronger massage than the Aromatherapy, this massage is effective in loosening tight muscles and relieving aches associated with strenuous activity or exercise. Pressure can be customised to your personal needs. Perfect if you just want physical relaxation, not mental.

    Upgrade to 90-minutes if you have areas requiring focus, particularly neck and shoulder tension, and the extra 30-minute will be focused on those areas. It will make such a difference to how you feel afterwards.

    90 mins ฿ 1,245.00
    60 mins ฿ 1,045.00

    SIGNATURE Sea Sand Massage

    Beginning with a Foot Ritual with Sea Sand, Sea Salt, and Fresh Mint Leaf Tea, you’ll enjoy a Head to Toe Body Massage. Customized pressures and Swedish techniques are applied to soothe the muscles and ease an overactive mind. This treatment is combined with our Signature Hot Sand Pouch  therapy filled with heated sea sand, crushed sesame, grated ginger, black pepper and dipped in coconut oil to bring relaxation to the muscles.

    90 mins ฿ 1,800.00
    60 mins ฿ 1,400.00

    SIGNATURE Warm Sea Salt Massage

    A guest favorite, this therapy is a locally inspired ritual combining Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Salt Pot Compress  to release tension in the shoulders and lower back muscles. Each pot contains a blend of coarse salt and medicinal herbs to provide relief to tired muscles. Therapeutic oils such as Petitgrain, Eucalyptus and Lavender penetrate deeply into muscle tissue during this therapy.

    90 mins ฿ 1,800.00
  • The Turquoise Ocean (Price Per Person)

    A deluxe pampering ritual perfect for couple’s who want to feel nurtured and nourished.  A revitalizing body scrub rich with marine minerals and anti-oxidants prepares the skin for our therapeutic Signature Ocean Waves Body Massage. The massage incorporates the best of Aroma Massage with Acupressure, Deep tissue, Shiatsu and Lomi-Lomi techniques.


    • Ocean Salt Body Scrub
    •  Ocean Waves Body Massage
    120 mins ฿ 2,500.00

    Tok Sen in Krabi (Price Per Person)

    Discover the healing secrets of North Thailand with this unique spa package. Tok Sen in Krabi is a special treatment technique from the Chiang Mai region of northern Thailand. “Tok” comes from the sound of a hammer and “Sen” refers to the Sen energy lines in the body. Traditional wooden sticks are combined with a choice of Thai Herbal Compress or Ocean Wave Massage to stimulate the energy points, promote healing and relax all muscle tissues.

    2.30 Hrs ฿ 3,000.00

    Sea Breeze (Price Per Person)

    Drift away on the ocean breeze with this luxurious massage and facial combo. The treatment starts with a hypnotic Sea Shell Body Massage – warm sea shells are combined with soothing massage strokes, melting away aches and pains. Then you’ll enjoy a comforting facial that softens and hydrates the epidermis, leaving your skin velvety-soft and smooth.


    • Sea Shell Massage
    • Douceur Marine Facial Treatment
    120 mins ฿ 3,000.00

    Signature Treasures From The Sea (Price Per Person)

    Surrender to our signature spa ritual with this exquisite bundle of treatments. Designed to provide  total tranquility, your experience begins with dry skin brushing and a beautiful body exfoliation incorporating sea shells. Warm silky body mud, enhanced with the antioxidant benefits of marine algae, is smoothed over your body. Enjoy a spine-tingling Scalp Massage whilst the body mask  stimulates mineral absorption. A facial treatment customized to your skin type provides the final  touches in this experience to treasure.


    • Sea Shell Body Polish
    • Seaweed Body Mask
    • Choice of Facial Treatment
    3.0 Hrs ฿ 3,500.00
  • Signature Serenity Spa Ritual

    This treatment begins with a balancing and moisture rich hair mask massaged all over the scalp to instill relaxation. Using a finely blended mixture of Avocado oil and Kaffir Lime, this recipe is Thailand’s best kept secret for lustrous and silky soft hair. Next, enjoy an exfoliation with tropical Passion Fruit infused with Olive Oil, fresh Lemongrass and Sea Salt to give the skin a deep cleanse. We complete your treatment with an invigorating Vanilla Shea Butter full body massage enriched with Jojoba oil to enhance natural radiance while leaving you refreshed from head to toe.

    • Deluxe Scalp Massage with rich Avocado Coconut Cream Mask
    • De-Aging Passion Fruit & Lemongrass Salt Scrub
    • A Soothing Massage of Vanilla Shea Butter
    • Refreshment
    2.30 Hrs ฿ 2,000.00

    Wanalee 'A Royal Treat'

    Combining the richness of Thai herbs and organic plant essences, this spa journey is deeply detoxifying at all levels. To begin, a layer of Chrysanthemum flower is gently stroked on your skin surface to polish skin tone. Your journey continues as you are immersed in a comforting wrap with galangal roots, turmeric and black pepper to stimulate the lymphatic system and to assist the removal of toxins. Next, soothing scalp massage is administered while you rest. After a refreshing shower, succumb to an aromatherapy massage or a traditional Thai massage. To complete this royal treat, allow your senses to be overcome with an oxidant facial using active ingredients such as Calendula, Licorice, and Evening Primrose to restore skin freshness. The journey ends with a cup of refreshing Chrysanthemum tea.

    • Botanical Bliss Scrub
    • Galangal Firming Wrap
    • Choice of Oil Massage or ‘Nuad Thai’
    • Jurlique Deep Cleanse Facial
    • Refreshment
    3.0 Hrs ฿ 2,800.00

    Thai Body Balance

    A spa journey that combines a collection of signature experiences, guests can experience the soul of a Thai spa journey as well as its ancient traditions. 

    • Smoothing Wheat Germ and Sesame Foot Scrub 
    • Organic 7 Miracle Grains Body Exfoliation 
    • Chakra Balancing Vichy Shower
    • Choice of ‘’Nuad Thai’’ or Aromatherapy Massage
    • Nourishing Facial Massage with Warming Sesame Pouch
    • Refreshment

    (In the event water facilities such as Vichy or Bath are not available, an Indian Head Massage will be offered as a substitute.)

    2.30 Hrs ฿ 2,200.00
  • PHYTOMER Homme Facial for Men

    Designed for the specific needs of men’s skin! Your skin will be oxygenated and moisturized in this facial infusion that incorporates a cleanse, personalized exfoliation, facial massage to increase circulation, mask, scalp massage and light moisturizer to deliver long-lasting anti-shine, moisturization and a feeling of freshness.

    60 mins ฿ 2,250.00

    Signature Organic Facial

    A luscious, relaxing facial customised for any skin type, this facial uses powerful herbal antioxidants and natural nutrients to address skin texture. Organic ingredients such as Lemongrass, Tamarind, Oatmeal, Cucumber and Botanical Oils are used to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. A lymphatic facial massage is administered to improve blood circulation and help achieve firmer skin. A signature facial pouch filled with warm sesame rounds off the facial, leaving your skin refreshed and radiant.

    90 mins ฿ 2,500.00

    PHYTOMER City Life Facial Treatment

    Anti-pollution, skin freshness treatment! A fresh breeze blows through the spa, depolluting the skin of city-dwelling women with the effect of a vacation by the sea. The skin is intensely hydrated, signs of fatigue are erased, the complexionis more even and the skin regains its freshness. You’ll experience a marine immersion with a personalized exfoliation, pure pore heating facial mask and skin freshness massage.

    60 mins ฿ 2,250.00

    Rose Quartz Lifting Facial

    Increase micro-circulation and lymphatic flow.

    Beautiful rose quartz massage stones are used in this lifting and firming treatment that focuses on muscle stimulation. Your therapist will use a combination of Eastern pressure point massage,European techniques and energy balancing to stimulate and rejuvenate sagging of skin. It’s fabulous for people who hold tension in their jaw or experience puffiness around the jowls.

    75 mins ฿ 2,500.00

    PHYTOMER Purifying Facial Treatment

    This targeted cleansing and matifying facial treatment leaves the skin clearer and visibly healthier, with a complexion that regains all of its freshness. As well as the standard cleansing, massage and mask, the treatment combines two specific highly effective products. The first is an exfoliator that cleanses the pores in-depth. The second is a serum to soothe and calm the skin, providing a long-lasting matte effect. Results: skin flaws are limited and excess sebum is regulated.

    60 mins ฿ 2,250.00

    PHYTOMER Hydra Sea Blue Facial Treatment

    This thirst-quenching dehydrated facial perfectly balances effective moisturizing and intense relaxation. It combines signature products with ultra-sensory textures and a very relaxing massage to moisturize and comfort the skin, which instantly reveals its natural freshness. An enzymatic exfoliation is followed by skin cleansing, hydra-nourishing facial massage and your skin is given an instant moisture-infusing boost with the best selling Hydrasea Rehydrating Mask.

    60 mins ฿ 2,250.00

    PHYTOMER Douceur Marine Facial Treatment

    This cocoon treatment softens the skin and improves its defense for a soothed and ideally hydrated epidermis, producing a radiant complexion. Truly gentle and comforting, this treatment acts to smooth the complexion with the localized application of a fresh, melting bi-gel and a rich, creamy mask which, after several minutes on the face, is softly massaged in to make the moment even more enjoyable.

    60 mins ฿ 2,700.00
  • Pink Himalayan Body Buff

    Extracted from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan, this body scrub is prized for its therapeutic benefits and estimated to contain up to 84 minerals and trace elements. Your skin is treated to a ‘body buff’ – invigorating strokes increase circulation, remove dead cells and reveal the luminous skin beneath. Totally re-mineralized, a final coating of body lotion leaves your skin squeaky-clean and silky-soft.

    60 mins ฿ 1,500.00

    Serenity Hair Treatment & Shoulder Massage

    An intense hair treatment that incorporates the beneficial properties of Coconut. Enjoy an invigorating Scalp Scrub, Hair Mask, Spine-tingling Scalp, Shoulder and Hand Massage.




    60 mins ฿ 1,400.00

    Seaweed Marine Repair Body Mask

    Experience the mineral-rich benefits of Seaweed in this treatment designed to restore, tone and vitalize. A combination of white clay and seaweed is warmed and then smothered over the body. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while the mask deep penetrates and re-mineralizes. A light coating of body moisturizer ensures your skin is hydrated and luminous.

    60 mins ฿ 1,500.00

    SIGNATURE Sea Champagne Body Contour Wrap

    Designed to detox, nourish and brighten, this heated body mask incorporates Marine Minerals, Algae, Green Tea and Fresh Products. A relaxing Head Massage provides the finishing touches.

    60 mins ฿ 1,500.00

    Cooling After Sun Soothing Wrap

    Calm, soothe and nourish irritated skin from sunburn with this nourishing concoction made from blends of Fresh Green Tea, Cucumber and Coconut Oils. Enjoy a heavenly Mini Facial whilst your body is cocooned in the Body Wrap. After a refreshing rinse, Aloe Vera will be applied followed by a restoring cream to promote the healing process.

    60 mins ฿ 1,500.00

    SIGNATURE Blue Marine Body Scrub

    Combining the detoxing benefits of marine minerals with the balancing PH of ocean salt, this body scrub contains Coconut, Blue Chamomile and Nourishing Sea Salt. It invigorates and nourishes, revealing soft, refined skin. A light coating of body lotion ensures total absorption.

    60 mins ฿ 1,500.00

    Sea Shell Body Polish

    Soothing and nurturing, this gentle treatment combines the warmth of heated sea shells with a creamy body polish rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and extracts from Blue Pea, Mangosteen and Pomegranate. This body polish is perfect if you want a relaxing, grounding treatment experience.

    60 mins ฿ 1,500.00
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