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2-11-50 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0011 Japan
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10:00 - 22:00

Spa overview

SPA Overview

Welcome to the urban sanctuary, the very first Spa Cenvaree in Japan, where traditional Thai techniques meet Japanese hospitality to bring the ultimate relaxation in a calming surround.

  • 2 Couple Treatment Rooms
  • 2 Single Treatment Rooms
  • 4 Thai massage beds
  • 3 Foot treatment beds

Popular treatments

No popular treatments available


SPA Treatments See all

  • Body Scrub De-Aging Scrub

    Gently exfoliate dull skin cells to leave your skin looking and feeling radiant, while promoting the absorption of natural vitamins & minerals

    60 mins JPY 20,000

    Cenvaree Natural Skin Treat

    Indulge your body in the Cenvaree experience, start with a coconut scrub to remove the dead skin and immerse your body with the shine body mask cream. Then coconut oil is applied to your skin and will leave it glowing with a heavenly feel.

    90 mins JPY 23,000

    Body Wrap Signature Anti Cellulite

    Designed to boost lymphatic circulation and eliminate cellulite, this exclusive spa treatment includes an invigorating a warm green clay wrap followed by anti-cellulite massage to leave you feeling refresh and revitalised.

    105 mins JPY 27,000
  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Perfect for the athletic individual who requires bodywork to release muscle tension and increase joint flexibility, this massage focuses on individual muscle groups using deep compression and strokes. Aromatherapy oils promote harmony of the body and mind.

    90 mins JPY 29,000

    Hot Stone Massage

    Another very popular treatment, this hot stone treatment uses Basalt rocks heated in water, treated with essential oil, and placed along the meridians of the body, while a therapeutic body massage focuses on the feet, legs, lower back, and thighs to transport you to a level of deep relaxation. 

    90 mins JPY 29,000

    Swedish Massage

    Designed with the sports enthusiast in mind, this massage is effective in loosening tight muscles and relieving aches associated with strenuous activity or exercise. Light or medium pressure is customised to your personal needs.

    90 mins JPY 29,000
    60 mins JPY 23,000


    Our most popular treatment. A full-body massage using essential oils to relax the body and mind. Smooth and soothing movements gently lull you into a realm of tranquil dreams, leaving you totally rejuvenated. Choose from several beautiful oil combinations.

    90 mins JPY 29,000
    60 mins JPY 23,000
  • Detox

    Dry Brushing, Detox Massage, Head Massage, and Face Massage .

    Unwind and restore balance with our specialised massage designed to release deep-seated tension in the abdominal area, while also improving liver and digestive functions for a revitalised, detoxified you


    Detoxifying juice is offered after your treatment

    3.0 Hrs JPY 60,000


    De Aging Salt Scrub, Deep Tissue Massage, and Foot Massage.

    This ancient Chinese pressure-point massage rejuvenates your body’s energy flow to relieve pain, stiffness, and promote blood circulation for blissful relaxation.

    Ginger Tea is offered after your treatment

    3.0 Hrs JPY 60,000


    Exfoliation, Aromatherapy Massage, and Foot Massage.

    This signature spa treatment blends a gentle full-body exfoliation with a soothing head-to-toe massage. Let our expert therapist work their magic to release muscle tension and leave you feeling relaxed and restored.

    Chamomile tea is offered after your treatment.

    3.0 Hrs JPY 66,000
  • Nuad Pra Kob – Thai Herbal Compress Massage

    This intensive and soothing traditional Thai massage uses a Samunprai (hot poultice) invigorate your muscles and detoxify your body. The spice extract in the oil helps to detoxify and uplifting.

    120 mins JPY 29,000

    Nuad Tao- Traditional Thai Foot Massage

    This treatment promotes relaxation throughout the entire body using pressure points on the soles of the feet. When your tension is released, an herbal foot compress filled with warming herbs is applied to revitalise your legs.

    75 mins JPY 18,000
    45 mins JPY 14,000

    Salt Pot Muscle Melter

    Experience the rejuvenating power of this centuries-old healing ritual which combines salt and herbs to ease muscle tension. Our skilled therapists begin with a deep tissue massage, focusing on your neck and shoulders, before using steamed clay pots filled with a blend of sea salt and medicinal herbs to provide soothing relief to your relaxed muscles

    120 mins JPY 33,000

    Nuad Thai – Traditional Thai Massage

    Restore the flow of your body and feel a renewed sense of vitality as this ancient massage technique stretches your muscles with applied pressure along your body’s energy lines

    90 mins JPY 22,000
    60 mins JPY 16,000

    Hai Muea - Thai Ritual for Back Relief

    Inspired by household healing traditions, this muscle relief ritual was invented by our master therapists. Combining deep tissue, Swedish, and stretching techniques, along with a soothing herbal back compress to relax tired muscles in the back, shoulders, and neck, you will feel yourself transported to a state of elevated bliss

    60 mins JPY 21,000

    Thai Harmony – Four-Hand Massage

    Four hands are better than two in this dual-therapist massage combining Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, and Reflexology techniques in a carefully choreographed blend of deep rhythmic movement that leaves you feeling completely renewed

    120 mins JPY 70,000
  • A Summer Best

    Replenish your skin’s moisture and promote youthfulness with this anti-aging skin hydration treatment. A blend of sea salt gently exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin. Your journey comes to an end with an ultra-soothing aroma massage and a herbal bath

    120 mins JPY 82,000

    Honeymoon Retreat

    Full Body Dry Brushing, followed by a soothing massage and signature face massage to complete this perfect couple retreat

    120 mins JPY 82,000

    Winter Recharge

    Treat yourself to a rejuvenating winter detox that begins with gentle dry brushing followed by a detoxifying herbal bath. Promotes the released of toxins and reduction of cellulite. A relaxing massage provides the perfect conclusion to this stunning experience

    120 mins JPY 80,000
  • Thai Body Balance

    Smoothing Foot Scrub, De Aging Body Scrub, choice of Traditional Thai Massage or Aroma Therapy Massage to balance your daily lifestyle. Indulge in a luxurious Thai spa journey that blends signature experiences and ancient traditions that nourish your spirit

    2.30 Hrs JPY 56,000

    A Samunprai

    Experience the ultimate relaxation with a rebalancing massage that uses a special blend of aromatherapy oils and Thai herbs to release muscle tension and stimulate circulation, while steamed herbal clay pots filled with medicinal herbs detoxify and rejuvenate your skin.

    2.30 Hrs JPY 56,000

    Ultimate Wellbeing

    Inspired by village rituals of deep cleansing after long days in the field, earth stones are used to increase strength and vitality, while heated basalt stones loosen tense muscles and reduce inflammation

    3.0 Hrs JPY 66,000
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