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SPA Cenvaree Centara Mirage Resort Mui Ne

Centara Mirage Resort Mui Ne
Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet, Vietnam

+84 (0) 252 222 2202
[email protected]
9:00 to 21:00 Daily

Spa overview

SPA Overview

Enter a world of healing with spa experiences that enliven the senses and provide a sense of soothing calm. We’ve put together a variety of treatment options to invigorate tired muscles, increase circulation and stimulate the body’s natural rhythm for contentment and well-being.

  • 2 couples’ treatment rooms with balcony, one with private Jacuzzi
  • 4 single multi-function treatment rooms
  • Beauty Bar for facials and nails
  • Foot Massage Zone
  • Relaxation lounge and Retail Boutique

Popular treatments

Vietnamese cupping

This Traditional Vietnamese oil Massage incorporates acupressure with inviforating  movements    to  warm  and  relax  muscle  tissue,  improving circulation and rejuvenating the body.

60 mins ₫ 1.300


SPA Treatments See all

  • Cooling aloe vera & green tea wrap

    Calm,  soothe  and  nourish  irritated  skin  from  sunburn  with  this  nourishing  concoction made from blends of Fresh Ggreen Tea, Cucumber and Therapeutic Flower Oils. Enjoy a heavenly Mini Facial whilst your body is cocooned in the body wrap. After a refreshing rinse,  Aloe Vera will be applied followed by a restoring cream to promote the healing process.

    60 mins ₫ 1.000

    Detox Marine Body Wrap

    A  pre-warmed  Dead  Sea  Black  Mud  Wrap,  enriched  with  mineral  & necessary  skin  nutrients  from  the  Dead  Sea  at  depths  over  420  m below sea level, is applied to help maintain skin barrier integrity and add hydration.

    60 mins ₫ 1.000
  • Rose Clay Body Wrap

    A beautifully scented treatment, the Rose & Vanilla Body Clay Wrap restores softness and elasticity to the skin. After the wrap, enjoy a gentle scalp massage before showering to reveal silky-soft skin.

    60 mins ₫ 750

    Hot Stone Therapy

    Another  very  popular  massage,  Basalt  Rock  is  heated  in  water,  treated  with  essential oils and placed along the meridians of the body. Combined with a body massage, you’ll experience a deep sense of relaxation.

    90 mins ₫ 1.700
  • Signature Organic Facial

    Facial Cleanse, Tone, Mask, Sesame Pouch Massage

    A relaxing facial customised for any skin type, this facial uses powerful herbal antioxidants and natural nutrients to address skin texture. Organic ingredients such as lemongrass, tamarind, oatmeal, cucumber and botanical oils are used to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. A signature facial pouch filled with warm sesame rounds off the facial, leaving your skin refreshed and radiant.


    90 mins ₫ 1.200
  • Hot Stone Therapy

    Another very popular massage, Basalt Rock is heated in water, treated with essential oils and placed along the meridians of the body. Combined with a body massage, you’ll experience a deep sense of relaxation.

    90 mins ₫ 1.200

    Vietnamese cupping

    This Traditional Vietnamese oil Massage incorporates acupressure with inviforating  movements    to  warm  and  relax  muscle  tissue,  improving circulation and rejuvenating the body.

    90 mins ₫ 1.100
    60 mins ₫ 1.300

    Headache Relieve

    With over 34 muscles in the neck and shoulders, it’s not surprising that tension in these areas can lead to headaches. Using warm herbal oils, this treatment incorporates a massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders to release tight muscles, improving circulation and providing relief. 

    60 mins ₫ 1.300

    Bamboo therapy

    A soothing and effective treatment, heated bamboo is applied in kneading and rolling motions to alleviate tension in larger muscles, allowing the body to release long-held stiffness. 

    90 mins ₫ 1.200


    Our  most  popular  treatment!  Experience  a  full-body  massage  using essential oils to relax the body and mind. Smooth and soothing movements will gently lull you into a realm of tranquil dreams, leaving you totally rejuvenated. Choose from several beautiful oil combinations.

    90 mins ₫ 1.700
    60 mins ₫ 1.300

    THAI Salt Pot Muscle Melter

    Deep Tissue, Clay Pot application 

    Inspired by healing rituals passed down the generations, this ritual uses the ancient remedy of salt and herbs to treat muscle tension. Your experience begins with a Deep Tissue Massage, warming up the major massage groups, with a particular focus on neck and shoulders. Then, clay pots filled with a blend of coarse salt and medicinal herbs are steamed and gently rolled over the now-relaxed muscles to provide relief and calm. 

    90 mins ₫ 1.200

    Thai Harmony

    A  four-hand  massage  performed  by  two  therapists  in  unison,  this experience coordinates a blend of Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology techniques using deep rhythmic movement to leave you feeling completely renewed.

    60 mins ₫ 1.100
  • Classic pedicure

    A classic pedicure will begin with a relaxing Foot bath and foot scrub.  A nail technician will then clip and shape your toenails and sluff or exfoliate dead skin from the feet. Then enjoy a gentle leg and foot massage, followed by a nail polish of your choice.

    60 mins ₫ 450

    Classic Combo : Mani & Pedi Beauty

    This classic Combo includes all the essential nail care components of the manicure and pedicure plus  additional exfoliation make your skin soften and heighten relaxation of the senses.  

    120 mins ₫ 800

    Classic manicure

    Our classic manicure provides a relaxing hand soak, nail shaping, cuticle conditioning and a stress relieving hand massage with a color polish of your choice.

    60 mins ₫ 450

    Reshape & mani polish

    30 mins ₫ 300

    Reshape & pedi polish

    30 mins ₫ 300
  • The Aromatherapy Ritual

    Aromatherapy Techniques & Aromatique Bathing Ritual

    A  fantastic  choice  for  those  new  to  spa  and  massage,  this  ritual encompasses a relaxing Body Massage with your choice of Essential Oil Blend and then the chance to soak in a state of sheer bliss in our special Bathing Ritual. 

    90 mins ₫ 3.200

    The Personalised Ritual

    Your Choice: Each select 1 x 60min Body Treatment and 1 x 60 min Facial 

    The  perfect  way  to  completely  tailor  a  ritual  to  your  needs,  you  and your partner can each select 1 x 60min Body Treatment and 1 x 60 min  Facial – we’ll do the rest!

    120 mins ₫ 4.500

    Exotic spa experience-Couple journey

    Experience something a little different with this collection of therapies designed for memory-making. The ritual begins with a divine body scrub (Pink Himalayan salt for her, Siamese Herbal for him) before you both retire for a private Bathing Ritual as swirling vapours envelop you with their exotic scents. Then it’s time to lie back and relax with a top-to-toe body massage – a perfect way to spend the day.

    FOR HER : 

    • Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub 
    • Exotic Bathing Ritual 
    • Hot Stone Therapy

    FOR HIM  : 

    • Siamese Herbal Body Scrub  
    • Exotic Bathing Ritual 
    • Bamboo Therapy
    2.30 Hrs ₫ 4.500
  • Voyage to Vietnam

    Wooden Foot Therapy, Vietnamese Cupping & Nail Care

    Totally  invigorating  and  enlivening,  this  ritual  accompanies  you  on  a voyage through several traditional Vietnamese therapies. A bracing foot massage with reflexology is the precursor to a traditional Vietnamese Massage  which  features  clapping  techniques  to  increase  circulation.  The next stage is cupping - warm glass cups are placed on the back to create a pressure vacuum – this releases ‘sha’ or old energy. Note that you may experience temporary painless marks where the cups were placed – it’s  perfectly normal and indicative of areas of stagnation. The result is that your body will feel marvelously free and you’ll float out.

    2.30 Hrs ₫ 2.500

    Rock, Stone& Crystal

    Hot Stone Therapy, Crystal Facial, Scalp

    Your journey to complete relaxation begins with warm volcanic stones to increase circulation. Volcanic Basalt Rock is heated in water, treated with essential oils, and massaged along the meridians of the body to soothe and calm, releasing long-held tension. Then the palest pink Rose Quartz Crystal is used to gently massage the facial muscles. The final stage is  a spine-tingling scalp massage.

    3.0 Hrs ₫ 3.900

    Journey to Siam

    Siamese Herbal Body Scrub, Thai Massage & Thai Herbal Compress 

    Experience  our  most  popular  Thai  therapies  in  this  homage  to  the Thai  Healing  arts.  You’ll  enjoy  an  invigorating  Body  Polish  with  Kaffir  Lime Leaf, Lemongrass and natural Loofah to to remove dry, flaky skin. Then it’s time for a world-famous Thai Body Massage that combines stretching techniques, pressure points and more to loosen joints and tone  muscles.  Finish  with  a  muscle-warming  Thai  Herbal  Compress.  A fabulous way to spend a lazy afternoon!

    2.30 Hrs ₫ 2.500
  • Thann Rejuvenating Facial

    The unique formula of Shea Butter moisturises and prevents damage caused by skin dryness. Regenistem rice extract rejuvenates the skin and enhances collagen expression and skin barrier function, resulting in pore size reduction and firmer skin. Organic Evening Primrose Oil nourishes the skin and reduces inflammation.

    60 mins ₫ 1.200

    Thann Brightening Facial

    This facial is designed to protect and revitalize skin damaged by sun, stress and environmental pollution. Regenistem Rice Extract moisturises and rejuvenates the skin by enhancing collagen expression. Horse Chestnut Seed helps soothing skin and reduces inflammation. Nano Shiso Seed extract contains a powerful antioxidant that helps protect and revive dull looking skin.

    60 mins ₫ 1.200

    Thann Anti Stress Facial

    To start, your skin is deeply cleansed before a gentle Oatmeal Facial Scrub further softens and removes dead cells. After a comforting massage, a special Clay Mask is applied that further removes toxins. Your skin is toned with a variety of extracts such as Hydrolyzed Rice Protein and Black Tea. A Scalp and Hand Massage provides the finishing touches.

    60 mins ₫ 1.200
  • Pink Himalayan Invigorating

    Extracted from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan, this body scrub is prized for its therapeutic benefits and estimated to contain up to 84 minerals and trace elements. Your skin is treated to a ‘body buff’ – invigorating strokes increase circulation, remove dead cells and reveal the luminous skin beneath. Totally re-mineralized, a final coating of body lotion leaves your skin squeaky-clean and silky-soft.

    60 mins ₫ 1.000

    Botanical Bliss Flower

    Capturing the smell of a fresh garden, this scrub consists of fresh flower petals, rice blend, and oatmeal to restore lost vitality of the skin.

    60 mins ₫ 1.000

    Natural C Body Scrub

    Enjoy a gentle body exfoliator with citrus enzymes that act as a powerful natural body polish to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin brighter, softer, and silky-smooth.

    60 mins ₫ 1.000

    Siamese herbal body scrub

    Herbal powders are mixed with medicinal plants such as kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass and plai to detoxify and remove dull skin. Your experience also features a natural loofah scrub to revitalise the skin.

    60 mins ₫ 1.000
  • Indian Head Massage

    A spine-tingling experience. Using warm herbal oils, this treatment includes a massage of the scalp, neck, and shoulders to sweep away tension and to relieve mental fatigue. It’s amazing how much stress we hold in our scalp without realising it. You will emerge with an interesting hairstyle but floating on air! 

    60 mins ₫ 1.300

    Restorative Foot Therapy

    Starting with a foot scrub to remove dead skin cells, you’ll enjoy a relaxing foot massage before a kaffir lime clay foot mask leaves the feet silky-soft and smooth. 

    60 mins ₫ 1.300

    Deep Muscular

    Perfect for the athletic individual who requires body work to release muscle tension and increase joint flexibility. This massage focuses on individual muscle  groups  using  deep  compression  and  strokes.  Massage  is performed  with  aromatherapy  oils  to  promote  harmony  of  the  body  and mind.

    90 mins ₫ 1.700
    60 mins ₫ 1.300

    Traditional Thai Massage

    Thailand’s most famous healing therapy combines stretching techniques, pressure points and more to loosen joints and tone muscles. Thai Massage is sometimes described as ‘passive yoga’ - you lie down, and your therapist manipulates your body to promote relaxation and improve circulation. 

    90 mins ₫ 1.700
    60 mins ₫ 1.300

    Thai Hai Muea

    Inspired by household healing traditions, this muscle relief ritual was invented by our master therapists using Deep tissue, Swedish, and stretching techniques to relax tired muscles in the back, shoulders and neck. Take pleasure in a delightful herbal back compress aided by our therapist’s expert hands. 

    60 mins ₫ 1.300

    Thai Herbal Compress

    Warm Body Massage, Herbal Ball Application 

    Thai Herbal Compress therapy has a rich history dating back thousands of years. A selection of traditional Thai herbs, including Tumeric, Ginger and Prai are wrapped in a muslin ball, steamed, and then gently applied over the body. The warmth of the herbs is very soothing and will deeply penetrate the muscles. 

    90 mins ₫ 1.700
    60 mins ₫ 1.300

    Swedish Massage

    Designed with the sports enthusiast in mind, this massage is effective in loosening tight muscles and relieving aches associated with strenuous activity or exercise. Light or medium pressure is customised to your personal needs. 

    90 mins ₫ 1.700
    60 mins ₫ 1.300
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