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Welcome to Spa Cenvaree Oman

P.O. Box 3564, PC 112, Way No. 5003, Wilayat Bausher, Ghala Heights, Muscat, Oman

+968 24236600
[email protected]
10:00 -21:00 hrs daily

Spa overview

SPA Overview

Whether you are travelling for business or to explore the colorful Arabian culture of Muscat city, The SPA Cenvaree at Centara Muscat is designed to satisfy your needs. Our signature Thai Spa offers a variety of therapies and treatments from skilled therapists plus unique herbal and traditional Thai Spa products.

  • 3 Single Treatment Rooms
  • 1 Couple Suite Room
  • Manicure & Pedicure Service

Popular treatments

No popular treatments available


SPA Treatments See all

  • Extra Soft Paraffin Dip

    20 mins ﷼ 7.000

    Classic Manicure

    Our classic manicure provides a relaxing hand soak, nail shaping, cuticle condi-tioning and a stress relieving hand massage with a color polish of your choice.

    30 mins ﷼ 10.000

    Classic Pedicure

    A classic pedicure will begin with a relaxing Foot bath and foot scrub.  A nail technician will then clip and shape your toenails and sluff or exfoliate dead skin from the feet. Then enjoy a gentle leg and foot massage, followed by a nail polish of your choice.

    30 mins ﷼ 12.000
  • Signature Nuad Pra Kob - herbal Compress Massage

    Thai Herbal compress therapy has a rich history dating back thousands of years. This massage, featuring a warm herbal poultice, is your opportunity to find out why it’s so effective. A selection of traditional Thai herbs, including Tumeric, Ginger, Prai and Lemongrass, are wrapped in a muslin ball, steamed and then gently applied over the body. The warmth of the herbs is very soothing and will deeply penetrate the muscles. It’s a great choice for someone who would like to experience something a little different.

    90 mins ﷼ 39.000
    60 mins ﷼ 35.000

    Signature Serenity Spa Ritual

    This treatment begins with a balancing and moisture rich hair mask massaged all over the scalp to instill relaxation. Using a finely blended mixture of Avocado oil and Kaffir Lime, this recipe is Thailand’s best kept secret for lustrous and silky soft hair. Next, enjoy an exfoliation with tropical Passion Fruit infused with Olive Oil, fresh Lemongrass and Sea Salt to give the skin a deep cleanse. We complete your treatment with an invigorating Vanilla Shea Butter full body massage enriched with Jojoba oil to enhance natural radiance while leaving you refreshed from head to toe.

    • Deluxe Scalp Massage with rich Avocado Coconut Cream Mask
    • De-Aging Passion Fruit & Lemongrass Salt Scrub
    • A Soothing Massage of Vanilla Shea Butter
    • Refreshment
    120 mins ﷼ 49.000

    Signature Nuad Thai Royal Massage

    Thailand’s most famous Massage! This therapy combines stretching techniques, pressure points and more to loosen joints and tone muscles. Thai Massage is sometimes described as ‘passive yoga’ - you lie down and your therapist manipulates your body.

    90 mins ﷼ 32.000
    60 mins ﷼ 27.000
  • Coconut Glow

    It begins with vigorous body brushing followed by a Pumice stone scrub to smooth rough skin. Your therapist then combines the curative elements of  a warm Coconut Compress with Muscle Melt Massage  to ease tight musclesand stimulate blood circulation. You’ll also enjoy a spine-tingling Scalp Massage, soothing Hand Massage and invigorating Foot Massage 

    90 mins ﷼ 35.000

    Back to Back

    Dedicated to those hard-to-reach areas of the back, this treatment consists of an invigorating Back Exfoliation, Back Mask and Deep-Tissue Massage to relieve aches and pains. Your circulation is increased with a Back Scrub before a Warm Herbal Mask is applied to draw out toxins. After a shower, hot oil is applied with a Deep-Tissue Back Massage to totally relax and renew.

    75 mins ﷼ 34.000

    Deep Muscular Massage

    Not for the faint-hearted, our Deep Muscular Massage uses strong pressure and compression to stretch the fibres of large muscle groups, releasing toxins and tension points.

    Upgrade to 90-minutes if you have chronic tension areas (i.e. your muscles have been tight for more than three months); the extra time allows your therapist to warm up the superficial muscle layers and really compress and stretch the deeper fibres.

    90 mins ﷼ 34.000
    60 mins ﷼ 29.000

    Men's Herbal Facial

    A relaxing facial created especially for men, using selected powerful herbal and natural nutrients such as Lemongrass, Tamarind, Oatmeal, Cucumber and Botanical oils to address skin texture.  Enjoy a Thai Herbal Poultice massage by using varied techniques to stimulate circulation.

    75 mins ﷼ 32.000
  • Balinese Massage

    Based on the healing expertise of the Balinese, this technique uses a mix of acupressure, reflexology and skin rolling to reach below the superficial muscle layers. Deep pressure is applied to release tense and knotted tissue.  This is a lovely massage to have if you want to try something a little different. It has the same soothing benefits as an Aromatherapy Massage, yet the techniques are stronger.

    Upgrade to 90-minutes if you have areas requiring focus, particularly neck and shoulder tension, The extra time allows your therapist utliziting more of the techniques that make Balinese Massage so popular.

    90 mins ﷼ 34.000
    60 mins ﷼ 29.000

    Swedish Massage

    A stronger massage than the Aromatherapy, this massage is effective in loosening tight muscles and relieving aches associated with strenuous activity or exercise. Pressure can be customised to your personal needs. Perfect if you just want physical relaxation, not mental.

    Upgrade to 90-minutes if you have areas requiring focus, particularly neck and shoulder tension, and the extra 30-minute will be focused on those areas. It will make such a difference to how you feel afterwards.

    90 mins ﷼ 34.000
    60 mins ﷼ 29.000

    Four Hands Massage

    A four hand massage performed by two therapists in unison, this experience coordinates a blend of Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology techniques using deep rhythmic movement to leave you feeling completely renewed.

    Upgrate to 120-minute and your therapists will spend more time on any problem areas, particularly neck and shoulders. Great choice if you want a totally immersive massage.

    60 mins ﷼ 45.000

    Aromatherapy Massage

    Our most popular treatment! A full-body massage using essential oils to relax the body and mind. Smooth and soothing movements will gently lull you into a realm of tranquil dreams, leaving you totally rejuvenated. Choose from several beautiful oil combinations.


    90 mins ﷼ 34.000
    60 mins ﷼ 29.000

    Nuad Tao - Traditional Thai Foot Massage

    This treatment promotes relaxation to the entire body through the use of pressure points onto the soles of the feet. When all tension is released, a foot herbal compress filled with warming herbs is applied to revitalise the legs.

    75 mins ﷼ 29.000
    60 mins ﷼ 25.000
  • Siamese Journey (Price per Couple)

    • Scalp Massage with Avocado Coconut hair mask
    • Siamese Herbal Body Scrub
    • Choice of Body Massage 
    • Thai Herbal Jacuzzi Bath
    3.0 Hrs ﷼ 95.000
  • Thai Body Balance

    A spa journey that combines a collection of signature experiences developed for guests to experience the soul of a Thai spa journey as well as its ancient traditions. 

    • Smoothing Wheat Germ and Sesame Foot Scrub 
    • Organic 7 Miracle Grains Body Exfoliation 
    • Choice of ‘’Nuad Thai’’ or Aromatherapy Massage
    • Nourishing Facial Massage with Warming Sesame Pouch
    120 mins ﷼ 49.000
  • Green Tea Purifying Facial

    An antioxidant facial that helps your skin appear brighter and flawless. This facial includes cleansing, an exfoliating and detoxifying mask with Green Tea organic products.  A lymphatic facial massage is administered to improve blood circulation and help achieve firmer skin.

    60 mins ﷼ 29.000

    Signature SPA Cenvaree Facial

    A luscious, relaxing facial customised for any skin type, this facial uses powerful herbal antioxidants and natural nutrients to address skin texture. Organic ingredients such as Lemongrass, Tamarind, Oatmeal, Cucumber and Botanical Oils are used to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. You’ll also receive a bonus Scalp & Hand Massage. 

    60 mins ﷼ 29.000
  • Passionfruit & Lemongrass De-stressing Salt Scrub

    A guest favourite, this scrub is known for its exquisite fragrance and stress-relieving properties. The tangy fragrance of Lemongrass refreshes a tired mind whilst Passion Fruit Seeds smooth skin to perfection.

    60 mins ﷼ 35.000

    Botanical Bliss

    This package uses the essence of Botanical Plants and Ground Rice as a gentle scrub, followed by the eastern technique of a warm Galangal body mask to reduce cellulite and water retention. Fresh floral petals are massaged onto the skin for a velvety-smooth result. 

    90 mins ﷼ 43.000

    Signature Thai 7 Miracle Grains Body Exfoliation

    This body scrub features 7 different types of treasure grains such as Wheat Germ, Barley, Cornmeal, Oatmeal, Millet, Red Rice and Soy Beans. On application, the heat loosens tight muscles while revealing radiant and smooth skin through its exfoliation process.  

    60 mins ﷼ 32.000

    Siamese Herbal Loofah Body Cleanse

    Herbal powders are mixed with medicinal plants such as Kaffir Lime Leaf, Lemongrass and Plai to detoxify and invigorate dull skin. 

    60 mins ﷼ 32.000
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Special Offers

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Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Our Spa Manager, Miss Peerada and her professional Thai spa team have several years of international experience in various countries. Our goal is to provide unique experiences by using professional knowledge and highest treatment quality to exceed your expectations.